How to Wash Beach Towels: Tips for Each Type

With the arrival of summer, the first thing to do is take out the beach towels or buy new ones to prepare for the long days on the beach enjoying the sea, sun, and relaxation. When we take the beach towels out of the closet, we find them clean, fragrant, and very soft, but just one day at the beach is enough to transform them into old, hardened fabrics, full of salt and stained by sun oil creams and sweat.

The moment of washing the beach towel is therefore very important because, with the passage of time, this indispensable accessory risks becoming permanently rough and irremediably hard to the touch. With each new use

Washing and Drying of Beach Towels

The first step is to carefully choose the right products for washing beach towels. We select among all the detergents at our disposal those designed to preserve the liveliness and brilliance of the colors over time: often, in fact, due to prolonged exposure to the sun, beach towels end up fading and showing very dull colors. The detergent to be used must sanitize the cloth without attacking the fibers: it is, therefore, advisable to use a good softener during washing to prevent the formation of annoying limescale deposits present in the water. However, do not exceed the use of softeners in order not to compromise the absorbent capacity of the sponges.

It is advisable to schedule the washing of beach towels every other day or every two days, but first, you need to remove the sand. To eliminate beach residues, we can put it in cold water with a little soap in a basin and move it to remove the grains. But a more effective and faster method is to spread the cloth away from the direct sun: once it has dried, the sand can be eliminated simply by shaking it vigorously. There are also those who vacuum the sand directly with the vacuum cleaner to further shorten the time.

The drying phase is also decisive: when we take the beach towels out of the washing machine drum, remember to shake them hard to raise the fibers, which, drying in the open air, then make the towel swollen and soft.

There are different types of beach towels: there are the most valuable and long-lasting ones, such as those in cotton and sponge, there are those in microfiber and practical wicker mats. Let’s see how to wash each type of beach towel to preserve its softness and quality over time.

How to Wash Microfiber Beach Towels

These sheets can also be machine washed, but with a few recommendations. They should be washed at low temperatures without exceeding 40 ° C. The best detergent for washing is a detergent for delicates.

How to Wash Cotton Terry Beach Towels

Washing sponge beach towels is very simple, but you have to be careful of the saltiness, the bitter enemy of this fabric that tends to dry it and make it less soft and comfortable. To always have them soft and ready to use, it is good to shake them well before putting them in the washing machine.

If the towel has some spots of sunscreen, use a degreaser and leave it to soak in a basin with hot water and a drop of fabric softener. Washing in the washing machine should be set at a medium temperature, with the use of a rather effective detergent.

How to Wash Cotton Beach Towels

They are the most delicate sheets, but they can be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 °. The important thing is to choose an effective liquid detergent, which must be able to eliminate the streaks of grease and sweat. If the fabric is colored, it is necessary to use a liquid detergent that preserves the bright colors.

In the event that there are particular applications or embroidery, you must be careful of:

• do not overfill the washing machine drum;
• use a net for laundry;
• set a spin to a few revolutions.

How to Wash Wicker Mats

To get rid of all sand residues, let’s start by shaking the mat well and using a soft bristle brush. Let’s spray a little degreaser on a sponge and pass it on the mat. If there are further halos, let the product act for a few minutes. Using a damp cloth, remove the degreaser, then pass a dry cloth over the mat and let it dry.

Clean, fragrant, soft, ready to use, always comfortable and colorful: the beach towels are preparing to experience another summer of sun, sea, beach, relaxation, fun, and we with them, sure that we can always run for cover if they get stained, they fill up with salt, suddenly become stiff and rough.

Small daily attentions in washing and drying our beach accessories are the best way to keep them always beautiful and efficient over time.

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