How to Match your Towels to the Bathroom Tiles

To enhance the bathroom, it is very important to choose the right towels, which are in harmony with the environment, the tiles, and the basic accessories. In fact, a harmonious environment will also be more orderly, elegant, and well-kept. It all starts with the choice of colors and materials. These are some ideas that you could implement and characterize the new style of your bathroom. Continue reading this guide of ideas to get inspiration.

Below you will find some tips for matching towels with bathroom tiles.

The color

To obtain a balanced and homogeneous effect, choose the color of the linen carefully: it can literally transform your bathroom. It is the first aspect to consider when thinking about a restyling, and it is also the first aspect that is often overlooked.

Here are some tips to make no mistakes

Monochromatic bathroom

If your bathroom has monochromatic tiles, i.e., of a single color, to give a little liveliness and personality, it is recommended to choose a contrasting color, which you can create both with shades (lighter or darker) and with complementary colors to obtain an even more original solution.

Bathroom with tiles of many colors

If there are already more than two colors in your tiles and wall tiles, choose one of these for the linen.

Tiled bathroom with no more than two colors

If your tiles have no more than two colors, different alternatives open up to you: you can choose the linen of one color from those already present, you can play with different shades, or you can even dare to add a new color. Using the color wheel, you can find the right one by playing with complementaries.

Solid color or patterned?

For a bathroom with tiles and coverings with decorations or patterns, the ideal is plain colored linen, especially if the decorated tiles are those of the coverings.

If the decorated tiles are only those of the floor, you can dare with towels decorated with a contrasting pattern: for example, if you have floral or majolica-like motifs, you could combine striped towels.

If, on the other hand, you have a bathroom with monochromatic tiles, you can also indulge yourself with patterned towels or play with colors and contrasts by choosing the solid color here too.

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