How to Choose Towels for the House

The absolute protagonists of bathroom linen. Single or in sets, bathroom towels are a must in any home. But what are the characteristics that make a quality towel? How to recognize the product that suits us and our needs? We will try to answer these questions today, listing practical tips for choosing bathroom towels.

Choose the towel fabric

First of all, a necessary distinction must be made between the fabrics useful for drying the body and those most suitable for absorbing excess water from dishes and surfaces. It should be borne in mind that absorbency derives from maximizing the surface area.

Therefore, cotton towels are recommended for hands and body, while linen towels are perfect for drying dishes and glasses, the so-called “dishcloths.”

A spongy fabric is undoubtedly more absorbent and dries on both sides: this will give you a larger area for drying. The woven linen is a mix of linen, cotton, and rayon: a perfect choice for drying dishes because it increases evaporation. For glasses, on the other hand, we recommend Damascus linen, which does not leave streaks.

Finally, pure linen is strong, resistant, and super absorbent: ideal for everything, including glassware. There are also microfiber towels that have the advantage of being light and very thin and drying very quickly.

Cotton towels

There are many possible variations for this product: towel, sponge, with jacquard, or honeycomb processing. On Carillo, you can find a wide choice of models, colors, and patterns.

Cotton towels can be machine washed at 60 ° C but remember not to add too much fabric softener so as not to risk-reducing their water absorption capacity over time. It is not necessary to iron them, just spread them well and fold them carefully once dry.

Bathroom linen

Bath linen sets usually consist of face towels, bidet towels, and larger towels for the shower. Sometimes inside the set, there are also smaller towels to dry your hands, especially when traveling, the so-called “washcloths.” Not infrequently, within the sets, there are also matching bathrobes.

The right amount of household towels? An unwritten rule of thumb suggests that each family member needs at least three towels: the face towel, the bidet towel, and the bath towel. It will therefore be necessary to have enough bathroom linen for the whole family and for any guests.

As for the combinations, then, even the towels do not escape the style choices that involve the entire bathroom furniture. White linen is always an elegant solution and does not create aesthetic constraints, but to obtain an excellent effect, you can choose the color and shades present in the tiles, with geometric or floral motifs, in stripes.

How to recognize a quality towel

There are clues as to whether what we are buying is a high-quality towel. The best cotton fibers are long and stand very straight. In addition, the best terry towels are soft and velvety to the touch and have a substantial weight.

To evaluate the reliability of a product for bathroom linen, one of the reference values is the GPM, that is grams per meter; if the label does not show this data, we can touch the fabric and test its weight and consistency by grabbing it and making sure that it does not lose lint and thread: in this way we make sure that the sheet does not lose its body.

How to wash towels, so they are soft and fluffy

Before putting the towels in the washing machine, fill a basin with cold water and pour a splash of vinegar and lemon. Dip the towels in the mixture and let it work for about an hour. Then rinse them off with cold water. This pre-wash will ensure that the towels are not rough after washing.

Do not abuse the detergent! Remember that using plenty of detergents does not mean that the towels are cleaner. A small amount of the product will be enough to make them soft and spotless again.

Better without fabric softener. Although the word comes from soft, that does not mean they will be fluffier. If you use it, keep it in a small quantity and when you have already washed them three or four times. Ah! And avoid washing towels with bleach.

Don’t overload the drum. Forget about filling the washing machine to the top, since towels need their space to be cleaned well. It is advisable to program the washes with cold options.

How to dry towels, so they are soft

To achieve smooth towels, dry is recommended in dry and at low temperatures. Our trick? Put the laundry in the dryer, along with a tennis ball for extra softness (this way, you will be able to stop the effect of rubbing between the towels).

Don’t have a dryer? Nothing happens! It is best to hang them outdoors and always try to shake them well to remove excess moisture. Do not place them on radiators, as it will generate humidity in the home.

How to remove bad smell from towels

After each use, dry the towels as soon as possible to prevent moisture. Keep in mind that if you leave more than one towel hanging in the bathroom, the chances of them getting a bad smell increases.

You can add a little white vinegar to the washing machine to neutralize odors, as it works against bacteria from moisture.

Avoid leaving towels in the drum of the washing machine for too long after washing.

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