Healthy Tanning: This is How you Protect your Skin and Hair from the Sun

Whether you spend your summer on the beach or just in your inflatable pool in the backyard: sun, sea and… cocktails. Yes, it is all so nice, but not so good for your skin. Here are the tips to enjoy baking this summer and keep your skin beautiful and healthy.


The sun on your toe is good (and sometimes gives a freckle). Your epidermis is as thin as a sheet of paper, so it is important to protect your skin from the sun every day. Even when it is cloudy, sunlight can reflect off the clouds, so that the sun’s power is sometimes even stronger than on a cloudless day. So lubricate! Always choose a minimum sun factor of 30 and make sure you rub your face again every two hours. Avoid choosing skincare products with AHA and BHA (these are exfoliants that make your skin more vulnerable to damage).

If you’re a fan of sunbathing with makeup, make sure you choose products that protect your skin and keep your makeup from melting off your face. My ultimate trick is a medium covering BB cream (yes, with sun factor), in combination with a waterproof concealer for a fresh look. Give your skin extra care with a hydrating mask or an oily moisturizing cream.

Tip: if you want a make-up look in the summer, choose cream-based products. These blend better with your moisturizer and sunscreen. Splashes of water and sweat often stain when wearing powder.


Although we know that seawater is good for disinfecting wounds, it can also dry out your skin. Always try to rinse your body with tap water before you plop down on your towel to continue baking. After swimming, it is important to cover your skin with a good sunscreen, which will not disappear after a bit of sweating.

You always choose at least SPF30 for your body. After a day at the beach you can pamper yourself with an extensive lubrication session, because sometimes your skin feels dry and dull after such a day. Aloe vera and Shea butter are ingredients that are known to moisturize and soothe the skin, perfect for after sun!

Tip: summer means a fresh and sunny perfume. But prefer perfume oil, because it is free from alcohol and therefore does not dry out your skin in the sun.


Heat and salt dry out your beautiful locks. It is therefore important to protect your hair before sunbathing for a day. Use a nourishing mask twice a week that you leave on overnight, it makes your hair firmer and protects it from drying out. During the day, it is best to protect your hair and scalp with a hat to prevent discoloration and drying. A nourishing hair oil with UV filter protects your hair and scalp against drying out and heat. And for the ladies with dyed hair, try using a color rinse to keep up with the color.

Tip: sleep on a silk pillowcase, this ensures that your hair does not become tangled and your hair still looks good the next day. Incidentally, it also seems to be the case that your face is less wrinkled the next day. Nice bonus.

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