How to Buy a Beach Towel?

Summer is the time to enjoy holidays, vacations and holidays and enjoy time by the sea or near the pool. For your moments to be even more special, count on the softness and comfort of the beach towel.

The beach towels are the official partners of the holiday. Whatever your destination, learn how to choose the perfect product and see how to care for it to be beautiful and useful for much longer.

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Choosing by weight

The big difference between the bath towel and the beach item is the weight, one of the most effective ways to check the quality of an article. The number, usually printed on the label, represents the amount of cotton per square meter. The higher this count, the more closed and more plush the plot will be.

The beach towel has a higher weight to ensure greater absorption. It is also usually double-sided, with a velvety side, which does not stick to sand, and the other fluffy, which ensures greater absorption.

Cotton beach towel

Cotton is a very advantageous fabric for beach towels, as the material absorbs water from the body without rubbing. In addition, the raw material is soft and delicate to the touch, dries quickly and is durable. If you want an even cuddly item, opt for Egyptian cotton pieces.

Washing and care

After purchase, it is important to know what to do so that the product lasts longer and is always beautiful, soft and delicate. See some conservation tips for your piece.

If you are on vacation and are going to the beach or pool every day, it is recommended to wash and change the item every day, since moisture and sand can contain impurities harmful to health.

Washing a beach towel is a lot like cleaning a bathroom item. It must be placed in the machine separate from fabrics of different colors. Opt for the use of liquid soap, which does not stain. If you prefer powder, it is recommended to dissolve in water before coming into contact with the textile.

Avoid using fabric softener, which creates a film of fat, which impairs the absorptive power of the piece. If you want to make the beach towel softer, try ironing it. However, remember not to use the steam iron, as moisture can penetrate the textile fibers.

Another way to make the article velvety is to put it in a dryer that is not too hot. It is possible to find the temperature indicated on the product labels. To give a nice smell, bet on a water passing alcohol, which evaporates quickly.

Sometimes the towel threads start to come off. Do not pull them. Use scissors and cut close to the fabric. So it does not unravel and lasts longer.

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